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 alt="LIVE BLOG: Global conflicts and the travel industry"  title="LIVE BLOG: Global conflicts and the travel industry"
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LIVE BLOG: Global conflicts and the travel industry
By PhocusWire | October 10, 2023
PhocusWire's live blog is tracking the impact of global geo-political conflicts on the industry, including travel technology companies and their employees. Read More
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Travel Talk: Is travel fully back?
By PhocusWire | March 20, 2023
While most industry sectors have been rebounding, travel experts suggest areas where caution may be merited.     Read More
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Travel Talk: Takeaways from ITB Berlin
By PhocusWire | March 13, 2023
Returning to the marquee travel trade event for the first time in four years, Northstar’s thought leaders share first impressions.   Read More
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Inflation, tech costs dampen travel experience operators’ optimism
By Phocuswright Research | January 9, 2023
The latest research from Phocuswright and Arival looks at travel experience operators' performance and sentiment and the challenges they face in 2023 and beyond.  Read More
 alt="rohit-talwar-phocuswright-conference-2022"  title="rohit-talwar-phocuswright-conference-2022"
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How travel companies can best prepare for future shocks
By Mitra Sorrells | January 6, 2023
Global futurist Rohit Talwar encourages travel leaders to “unlearn” past views and assumptions to enable them to prepare for the range of opportunities – and shocks – that may lie ahead.  Read More
 alt="Energy costs seen as biggest challenge for European hotels"  title="Energy costs seen as biggest challenge for European hotels"
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Energy costs seen as biggest challenge for European hotels
By Linda Fox | December 9, 2022
The European Accommodation Barometer 2022, carried out by Statista, reveals that 80% of hoteliers rate the energy crisis as their biggest concern across all 10 countries in the report. Read More
 alt="rohit-pc-22-preview"  title="rohit-pc-22-preview"
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Rohit Talwar on how to lead with foresight in travel
By PhocusWire | November 7, 2022
At The Phocuswright Conference, futurist Rohit Talwar will share concrete ideas of how travel companies can cultivate forward-focused, creative thinking to minimize the effects of crises that will,... Read More
 alt="four-scenarios-for-travel"  title="four-scenarios-for-travel"
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Four scenarios for the future of travel
By Wolfgang Krips - Amadeus | October 4, 2022
Amadeus presents four potential macroeconomic scenarios and what they might mean for the travel industry going forward. Read More
 alt="Travel signals cautious optimism despite economic instability"  title="Travel signals cautious optimism despite economic instability"
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Travel signals cautious optimism despite economic instability
By Linda Fox | August 24, 2022
The travel industry remains positive despite investor warnings, rising inflation and a looming recession. Read More
 alt="gbta-bti-outlook-2022"  title="gbta-bti-outlook-2022"
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Business travel recovery delayed until 2026 as travel spend slows
By Mitra Sorrells | August 15, 2022
GBTA says inflation, high energy prices, supply chain challenges and labor shortages mean spending won't reach 2019 levels until mid-2026. Read More
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Google on the motivations, expectations of leisure travelers
By PhocusWire | July 29, 2022
Google shares a preview of findings from its upcoming "Expectations of the Evolving Traveler" report. Read More
 alt="Fires on all fronts as airlines fight to recover"  title="Fires on all fronts as airlines fight to recover"
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Fires on all fronts as airlines fight to recover
By PhocusWire | July 5, 2022
Tamur Goudarzi Pour, CCO Swiss Air Lines and SVP channel management Lufthansa Group, discusses the challenges faced by airlines at Phocuswright Europe. Read More
 alt="szallas-group-webinar-article"  title="szallas-group-webinar-article"
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Q&A: The growth potential of Central and Eastern Europe’s tourism sector
By Szallas Group | May 23, 2022
Szallas Group, a leading domestic online travel agency in Central and Eastern Europe, recently published its comprehensive report about the region's tourism. Read More
 alt="Phocuswright Europe 2022: Hot topics for hospitality"  title="Phocuswright Europe 2022: Hot topics for hospitality"
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Phocuswright Europe 2022: Hot topics for hospitality
By PhocusWire | May 20, 2022
Executives from three of Europe's top hotel groups gather on Center Stage at Phocuswright Europe to discuss the industry's challenges, opportunities and outlook. Read More
 alt="trivago-q1-2022"  title="trivago-q1-2022"
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Trivago reports Q1 profit of €21M but excludes recent €30M fine
By Mitra Sorrells | May 2, 2022
On April 22, the Australian Federal Court ordered Trivago to pay a €30.2 million penalty for making misleading claims about hotel room rates online and in television advertising. Read More