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About PhocusWire

PhocusWire is a comprehensive daily news companion for the industry, powered by Phocuswright, the most respected travel research authority and events brand in the world.

With an existing arsenal of deep, research-driven assets at its disposal, only PhocusWire provides daily exposure to valuable industry news, data and expert analysis.
Technology and distribution form the backbone of travel, tourism and hospitality, the planet's largest industry.

At PhocusWire we create original content, provide market intelligence and, ultimately, give those at the heart of the industry the knowledge to make better decisions and understand what is happening around them.

The PhocusWire team and our colleagues at Phocuswright have lived and breathed travel technology and the ongoing digitization of the industry for decades.

PhocusWire brings that expertise, awareness and objectivity to the market with a powerful and necessary media brand.

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PhocusWire is a brand of Phocuswright, a wholly owned subsidiary of Northstar Travel Group.

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